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Gurlu was a waypoint in France.

Airspace waypoints are made by 5 letters words which are relatively easy to pronounce. New waypoints are created when airspace is modified. Some points disappear. Such is the case with GURLU.


This picture shows the cockpit of F-BVOB, a Piper PA28, flying over french airspace, not that far from GURLU.

Where is GURLU?

Appart from being on, gurlu as a waypoint can be seen where it was on this chart, over the sea, east of Le Touquet.
Latitude 50° 28' 40.00" N
Longitude 0° 58' 7.00" E


Gurlu does not exist any more so no more overflying of this waypoint!
Enjoy the flying.

GURLU website

The GURLU website is simple, yet it follows most recommendations.

GURLU website

There are many waypoints all over the airspace. Here are a few: